YGHP air source heat pump for the storage and production of domestic hot water by means of heat pump air/water situated in the upper part of the cylinder.


This unit is designed to absorb heat free environment (internal or external) and use it for the production of sanitary hot water.


It is designed for the ducting of the supply or inlet air.


The sanitary storage may have inside one or two fixed coil heat exchangers for any integration with solar and/or other power source boilers.

The electronic control unit manages:
– The heat pump
– The defrosting of the battery exchange in the conditions of work at
low temperature
– The intervention of a resistor of integration to makeanti-legionella
periodicals cycles
– The possibility of activation/off by an external control
– The switching off the PDC following the intervention of the system
solar and/or boiler integration (if present)


Material: S 235 Jr enamelled
Internal protective processing: Inorganic alimentary enamelling (DIN 4753.3)
External protective processing: Painting with anti rust and industrial glaze
Capacity: 200-280 lt
Operation (P max. / T max.): 8 bar / 95°C
Insulation: Rigid polyurethane + pvc: Fire resistance class B3 (DIN 4102)
Cathodic protection: Magnesium anode
Warranty: 5 years (sanitary storage), 2 years (heat pump), 1 year (electrical parts)
Reference legislation:
– PED 14/68/UE Art. 4 Par. 3 (Pressure equipment)
– M.D. of 6th April 2004 N.174 (suitability of materials in contact with SHW)
– Directive 2009/125/CE (Energy related Products)


The YGHP air source heat pump perfect for supplying hot water in apartments and homes wanting to save on energy. The unit pays for itself over the warranty period. So in short this unit offers hassle and problematic free hot water.

Air to water air source heat pumps from YGHP. Contact us today for more information.