YGHP 100 litre electric water heaters are perfect for apartments , office buildings and small house developments.


General Information: Powerful 2kW/3kW heating element mean re-heat times are minimal while being cost effective for the user.

Super quick heat times while still offering an energy efficiency over other brands on the market, this is down to thick insulation and superior enamel coating aiding temperatures to remain inside the tank keeping the water at the users desired temperature.

Temperature is controlled by an adjustable control located next to the power (on/off) button at the bottom of the unit in front of the inlet and outlet.

With a unique 6 level protection added to the mechanical temperature and pressure relief valve the YGHP 100 litre electric water heater / unvented cylinder is perfectly safe to be fitted in homes and commercial properties.

The temperature and pressure relief (T&P Valve) is located at the top of the unit and mechanically prevents over heating and pressure building inside the tank. This is to comply with British regulations and local laws. It is vital to check local regulations when purchasing an unvented water heater. YGHP meets all current UK laws.

Inside the hot water unvented cylinder tankĀ  2 magnesium anodes which offer better protection against scale and achieves electrochemicle process which helps achieve a longer life and hassle free running and service.

Warranty: All our electric water heaters come with a 5 year tank warranty. This warrants any tank defect up to 5 years.

Specification: The YGHP 100 litre electric water heater inlet and outlet support 1/2″ (15mm) fittings.

Size: W450xH950xD450mm
Weight: 30kg (Dry)
Power: 2kW
Capacity: 100 litres
Fitting: Above counter
Anode: 2 Magnesium anodes
Required: Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (T&P Included)


We offer discounts to trade, merchant and large projects. YGHP have a dedicated UK team to help assist with all unvented water heater questions, projects and after sales support.


The YGHP 100 litre electric water heater is the perfect option for keeping project budgets low while offering on demand hot water.