YGHP are proud to offer our range of YGHP water filters, separators and treatments.

Range includes:

Air Separators

Dirt Separators

Magnetic Separators

Hydraulic Separators

Dosing Pots

All In One Dosing Pots

Connection sizes from DN50 to DN300 available.

YGHP separators are built to order so that the fitment is perfect for the project.

Dosing pots and magnetic filters have a super strong magnet from made from Neodymium.

YGHP filters can be built from brass, steel or stainless steel.

The all new vaccum filter from YGHP:

Filter Self Cleaning Principle: In Vacuum Filter, the dirty liquid passing through the trunk inlet is filled directly
into the sieve.

When a certain contamination occurs on the filter screen, the discharge valve is opened and
the liquid passing through the rotating group plate ends and the sieve passes through the drain hole and
discharges from the discharge outlet.

Increased flow through this narrow gap causes the pressure to drop
at the plate ends with the Bernoulli Effect. Thus; Cleaned liquid with a high static pressure outside the sieve,
passes through the sieve again and enables the dirt and solid parts on the sieve surface to move away from
the inner surface of the sieve.

The dirt particles are swept together with the increased fluid velocity and discharged over the discharge line.
The rotation of the plates on the axis can be applied to the entire screen surface by rotating with a spindle
lying on the axis. When the discharge valve is closed again, the filter enters the normal operating state.

Perfect for all sized projects. Contact our sales team today for more information.

YGHP Filter Range