Meet the team at YGHP.

Name: Andrew Yates

Position: Managing Director

YGHP Duties: Andrew is responsible for overseeing the continued growth of YGHP.

Hobbies: Manchester United, fine dining and family.


Name: Oliver Yates

Position: Director

YGHP Duties: Oliver is responsible for freight, deliveries and internal engineering

Hobbies: Oliver enjoys most foods as well as socializing with friends and family.


Name: Aaron Lee

Position: Sales Director

YGHP Duties: Aaron is responsible for overseeing the complete sales team, ensuring sales targets are achieved nationwide.

Hobbies: Motorsport, boxing and fitness.  Aaron has a passion for track day racing and quick cars.


Name: Georgia Franklin

Position: Office Manager

YGHP Duties: Being the first female employee to join YGHP, Georgia’s role is to oversee the daily goings on within the office – ensuring that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Hobbies: Georgia enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating out and mainly spending money on shoes, bags and clothes “of which a girl can never have too many of”.


Name: Sean Reynolds

Position: Customer Service Manager

YGHP Duties: Guarantying 100% customer satisfaction.

Hobbies: Wolverhampton Wanderers, cooking and most music genre.


Name: Rory Goddard

Position: Regional Sales Manager

YGHP Duties: Rory is responsible for achieving sales targets, customer support and brand awareness in the SW region.

Hobbies: T.B.C


Name: Peter Rowntree

Position: Regional Business Development Manager

YGHP Duties: Peter covers the north east achieving sales targets and brand awareness in the NE.

Hobbies: T.B.C


Name: Dylan Evans

Position: Business Administrator

YGHP Duties: Business administrative duties to help YGHP run smoothly as well as graphic and website design.

Hobbies: Liverpool F.C, music and graphic design.


Name: Samuel Harrison

Position: Business Administrator

YGHP Duties:  Smooth running of the complete CRM system.

Hobbies: Sudokus, latest technology including gaming and long walks.