Traditionally PAYG (pay as you go) billing within heat networks requires the following equipment:

  • Heat interface unit ( HIU).
  • Mid class 2 ultrasonic heat meter
  • Electric control valve
  • Externally PAYG hardware/software

This allows the occupier of the building to top up their credit on the heat network, by physically using a pre-paid card. Or on-line via the billing providers website/billing portal.

The cost of the heat meter and external hardware/control valve can typically be between £500 and £700. This would not include installation costs, set up or commissioning costs.

When you look at these costs, it is almost the cost of the HIU . Why?

YGHP yet again are leading the fight to bring costs down without sacrificing quality within the heat network industry.

YGHP can offer:

Mid class 2 ultrasonic heat meter complete with a built in PAYG control valve. This arrangement can be used by a contact less card. The occupier increases the credit and with the card touches the PAYG meter to load the credit.(Similar to how credit and debit cards work to-date).

The heat meter can be controlled by RF ( wireless, built in sim) LoRa or Mbus connection should the billing provider wish to use online payments. Or a traditional external payment process can be used.

What makes the YGHP heat meter complete with PAYG facility attractive against its competition?

As well as it’s current 2000 units in use, The price!

With a list price of £249.00. We feel this is less than 50% of the cost of its current rivals.

Who would buy this valve?

HIU producers who require PAYG metering, but cannot procure at a cost they can resell at.

Billing and metering companies, who currently are spending £500 + for the same equipment.

Social housing providers, who would like to be empowered to control the billing. Without the need for expensive hardware.

YGHP are a currently seeking OEM and billing partners to share in this exciting, industry changing product.

Please contact our sales department on 0845 0170796 to request more information and possible discussions to see if this fits in with current offerings.