YGHP Heat Meter & Smart Billing

YGHP offer a complete range of heating, cooling and water meters.

The heat and cooling meter can be factory fitted to the YGHP HIU to save on fitting time as well as space saving.

Being factory fitted the HIU arrives ready to be installed and start providing a cost effective solution for heat networks.

The biggest water meter manufacturer in Turkey BAYLAN is one of the biggest source of pride to Turkish labour and workforce from Middle East to Europe, Asia to Africa with the experience more than half a century.

BAYLAN has begun to work in 1955 at fixing, maintaining and calibrating both water and electrical meters. Adding designer identity to it’s experience more than half a century and technological superiority.

BAYLAN has pioneering Turkish water and electricity meter sector with qualified and authorized personnel providing lots of innovation, pioneer service and technology to instrument tools.

Smart Billing

All the operations based on customers are made with the customer card. When assigned, all the customer specific information such as tariffs, emergency credit, critical credit are copied to the customer card.

When the water meter reads the card, all this information is downloaded to the water meter.

Customers can top up credit to their water meters by using this card. Water meter transfers all the information and its current state to the main center by the customer card. The central system receives all the information such as (battery level, alert states, consumption index, recent credit loading date) when the customer card is read at the vending point.

YGHP Meter Range

The YGHP meter range is the perfect option for the YGHP heat interface range.

However YGHP can also offer meters for all range of applications such as:

  • Wet type water meters
  • Dry type water meters
  • Hot water meters
  • Pulse output water meters
  • Volume water meters
  • AMR remote reading meters
  • Prepaid meters
  • Billing meters
  • Smart meters

YGHP can offer a meter for most applications as well as being factory fitted to the YGHP heat interface unit.