Following on from both COVID & Brexit, it seems the next real world issue for the UK is energy costs.

‘New research by Energy Saving Trust has found that energy bills could rise by £240 in 2022 for a typical three-bedroom, gas-heated home, with this household projected to spend a total £1,360 on energy’.

‘Ofgem increased the energy price cap by £139 a year at the start of October 2021 and is expected to increase it again in April 2022. This will affect around 15 million people’.

‘This is one of the easiest things to do on this list. For each degree you cut the thermostat, expect to cut bills by 4%-ish, or about £65 a year on average for a typical home.

Of course, it might cause some arguments with family, flatmates or fussy pets, but the World Health Organisation says that 18 degrees is enough for healthy adults, with slightly higher temperatures needed for the very old or young. So consider popping on a jumper at home and seeing what temperature your household is comfortable at.

And while we’re talking heating, a common debate is whether it is cheaper to leave the heating on low all day, rather than just turning it on when you need it. The Energy Saving Trust is adamant you should only have your heating on when required’

YGHP suggest using a 7 day room programmer for additional support on lower energy consumption.

‘A timer or programmer allows you to control when your heating and hot water comes on and when it goes off.

This is useful because it means you can programme your central heating to fit around the way your home is used. If you’re not at home or don’t require heating at night, then you can programme the heating system to switch off during these times’

‘Plan ahead:

The less often you have the heating and hot water on, the more money you will save. Think carefully about when you need the heating, and any periods in the day when you don’t need it – for example, if everyone in the home is out at work or school, the heating can be off. Some programmers allow you to set different programmes for different days, so you can match it to your schedule’.

YGHP HIU Lowering Energy Consumption