YGHP Magnetic Dirt & Air Separator

YGHP Magnetic Dirt & Air Separator

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YGHP produce a comprehensive range of commercial separators designed to remove any air, dirt and debris from heating and cooling systems. By removing foreign objects from the system, the separators help reduce system corrosion, extend the working life of components, reduce noise created within the pipework and improve the overall efficiency of the system.

The magnetic separators use a robust mesh gauze to catch any trapped pockets of air or debris as it travels within the liquid through the separator. The air is vented automatically via a vent at the top of the separator. The dirt and debris is caught by the mesh gauze and falls to the bottom of the separator where it can be drained.

YGHP magnetic separators uses a strong neodymium magnet as well as the mesh gauze to ensure any ferrous debris is caught which can then be removed via a large drain quickly and efficiently.

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The comprehensive range of YGHP commercial magnetic dirt and air separators are designed to remove trapped air and both ferrous and non-ferrous debris system debris within a sealed heating and cooling system.
By automatically venting trapped air, in addition to collecting system debris, YGHP’s dirt and air separators help reduce system corrosion, extend the working life of high cost component parts, reduce noise created through pipework and improve the overall efficiency of the system.

As circulating fluid flows through the large chamber within the magnetic dirt and air separator, small bubbles of air and pieces of system debris come into contact with a robust mesh gauze within the filter.
The fluid continues to circulate the system and bubbles begin to adhere to the mesh gauze, causing them to rise to the top of the chamber, where they are then automatically released into the atmosphere. As heavier system debris comes into contact with the mesh gauze, its drops to the bottom of the separator, where it can then be drained. The addition of a high strength magnet in the base of the filter chamber allows any ferrous debris to be actively retained. A large drain valve at the base of the chamber allows system debris to be quickly and efficiently removed.

The YGHP magnetic dirt and air separator can be used in both heating and cooling systems. Dirt separators should ideally be installed on the return leg of the system, allowing any system debris
to be trapped and retained before it enters the central plant installation, where it may foul the equipment. The separator should only be installed on horizontal pipework.


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