YGHP MBUS Class 2 Ultrasonic Heat Meter

► The compact design uses ultrasonic measurement technology
► Due to ultrasonic technology, constantly and high measurement sensitivity
► Wide dynamic measuring range and low pressure loss
► Via the LCD display providing access to meter data for billing and check out
► Due to the lack of moving parts, high measurement accuracy
► Lithium battery, 10 years lifetime
► Low pressure loss
► Solid stainless steel reflector
► Can be mounted horizontally or vertically in position desired
► IP 65 protection class
► M-Bus or Pulse Output or Modbus, wM-Bus interfaces
► Comprehensive fault indication
► OIML ve MID (SK 13-020 MI-004) certified
► Advanced service network

Please note, this price and model is for the YGHP HIU range.