SWEP Plate Heat Exchanger

SWEP Plate Heat Exchanger

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Replacement SWEP plate heat exchanger for the YGHP heat interface unit.

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SWEP Plate Heat Exchanger

SWEP stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers are one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat.

They are designed to provide unparalleled performance with the lowest life-cycle cost.

Choosing brazed technology for your next heating or cooling project will bring many benefits, including savings in space, energy, and maintenance.



The robust construction requires no gaskets, eliminating their risk of leaking. This means stable thermal and hydraulic performance, with minimal maintenance and operational downtime.


The compact size uses space efficiently and makes system design more flexible. Larger installations can be constructed unit by unit via standard doors and elevators, and it is easy to expand capacity when demand increases.


You will save on energy, maintenance, spare parts, and installation. The life-cycle cost over 15-20 years can often be half that of a corresponding gasketed solution.


Our BPHEs are normally self-cleaning, thanks to highly turbulent flows. In applications with a high risk of fouling or scaling, Cleaning in Place is easy without disassembly.


By combining plate design, materials, and connections from standard components, we keep lead times short while still maximizing output in your specific application.

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Weight 8 kg
Power Output

2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 33, 40, 45, 50, 60, 65, 70, 90