Steel Dirt Separator

Steel Dirt Separator

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YGHP Steel Dirt Separator



Outer Appearance

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Capacity: 8.5 – 320 m³/sa

Maximum Operating Temperature: 110°C

Connection Flange / Pressure Class: DN 50 – DN 150 / PN16

Filter Material: Stainless Steel

Exterior Surface Protection Paint: Electrostatic Powder Paint

The impurities mainly sand and rust particles circulating within the heating system cause efficiency loss, failures in heating and cooling systems, clogging the pumps and control valves.

Specifications / Usage Areas

  • Since the cleaning and maintenance of the classical type of dirt separators cannot be made easily by the user, they generally become out of function by time. With the help of a ball valve on the bottom the cleaning can be done very easily.
  • Specially designed stainless steel mesh filters are present
  • Percentage of glycol in the heating system is maximum 50%
  • Accumulated impurity volume is much bigger according to classical dirt separators. The required periodic cleaning is much less




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F 50, F 65, F 80, F 100, F 125, F 150