IZAR CENTER is used for the remote reading of M-Bus and IZAR radio-linked meters. Easy to install, IZAR CENTER automatically communicates with the connected meters and memorises their data.

IZAR CENTER may be read either by a PC with an RS232, USB or LAN link or by an analog. Connected to a modem, IZAR CENTER sends the data to the FTP server, at programmable intervals. Furthermore, it is able to warn the user in real time of the occurrence of alarms by e-mail.
Connected to an IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS, it can read meters equipped with the IZAR radio.

  • Manages up to 25, 60, 120 or 250 M-Bus devices
  • Standard version (repeater) or Memory (recording of information)
  • Automatic transmission of meter data via internet connection using integrated LAN interface or external analog
  • Automatic meter identification by searching the M-Bus network
  • Reading and configuration via USB, RS232/modem or LAN interface
  • Alarm functions including consumption and instantaneous values with notification (email)
  • Compact housing with rail-mounting possibility


IZAR CENTER is sending out, via M-Bus, a request to the connected meters. This action could be initiated manually by the user or automatically by the IZAR CENTER. For automatic reading, the version of IZAR CENTER with memory is required to program meters reading intervals. The meter is responding to that request by transmitting its values to the IZAR CENTER. The meter data is stored in a built-in memory and can be transmitted automatically to a meter reading software (e.g. IZAR@NET 2 software).


IZAR Data Center Datasheet