YGHP continue to offer COVID safe product and services throughout these unprecedented times.

Please find below official statement from Andrew Yates – Managing Director:

Dear customer,

For the past 9-10 months we’ve collectively been experiencing some of the most unusual and challenging times imaginable on a global scale; uncertainty abounds and with the Prime Minister’s announcement over the weekend that England will enter a second lockdown from Thursday the 5 of November until early December or beyond you are sure to wonder what that will mean personally and professionally for you and those you care about. I may not be able to answer the deeper, more personal questions but I want to guarantee you that in this turbulent time you can still rely on our highest quality and most COVID secure services.

2020 has shaken the foundations of our economy and unsettled even the most taken-for-granted elements of our day to day lives, but we haven’t sat idly fretting, not as a nation and certainly not as a business dedicated to serving our customers interests – during the  initial lockdown in the first quarter of this year we rapidly learnt what ‘pandemic-related’ changes we’d need to employ to safeguard our valued customers and staff.

Our COVID security measures are as follows:

  1. YGHP warehouse staff minimise contact by operating in zones of secure distance ratios
  2. All supplier received goods are liberally sanitised  on arrival
  3. Any returned products are immediately isolated and placed in quarantine for 3 days
  4. Daily temperatures are taken and recorded for all staff upon arrival at our offices and warehouse
  5. We equip our delivery drivers with sanitiser and PPE as well as ensure vehicles are cleaned daily; additionally,  to reduce risk even further, drivers are assigned to one specific vehicle for continuity and clarity.
  6. To assist in making you safer and more efficient on site we are providing you with a 2 – hour delivery window; reducing the time you are waiting and potentially exposed to a reduction in social distancing measures
  7. Any YGHP staff that can are working from home for the duration of this lockdown without any compromise to the service they provide our customers; we have also embraced remote meeting methods as a further means of compliance and risk reduction

Should there be any alteration in the advice we receive from the government leading to any operational changes for YGHP you can rest assured we will update you promptly.

While many things are unpredictable and irregular, I want to re-affirm that our commitment to you is unwavering; our stock of products remains constant and our service standards continue to be unparalleled.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment here to express my sincere appreciation for your forbearance and support during these unprecedented times; and to convey my gratitude to you, our valued YGHP customer, for the feedback I’ve had regarding the innovations we’ve undertaken to keep you and those around you safe.

May we all live up to the magnitude of the moment, considerate of those around us and together overcoming the trails ahead.

Kind Regards

Andrew Yates

Managing Director