YGHP Indirect Heat Interface Unit – WRAS Approved!

The YGHP indirect range of heat interface units are one of a select few in the UK to be granted full WRAS approval.

Many HIU brands will issue statements like ‘WRAS approved components’ and then word to try and make the context a grey area. YGHP believe in complete transparency and as such you should always check if your indirect HIU is fully WRAS approved.

Simply visit the official WRAS website and type in the brand name:

WRAS official website

You may be shocked to find out that not all indirect twin plate heat interface units carry this approval, only certain components.

WRAS is a leading approval, one of which is seen to help achieve clarity for safe water.

Water supply (Water Fittings) regulations 1999: It is important to note that Regulation 4 compliance is vital to be accepted by water companies. You should also check that your products are Reg 4 compliant.