YGHP are happy to announce that you can now purchase Magnetic Dirt & Air Separators online.

YGHP produce a comprehensive range of commercial separators designed to remove any air, dirt and debris from heating and cooling systems. By removing foreign objects from the system, the separators help reduce system corrosion, extend the working life of components, reduce noise created within the pipework and improve the overall efficiency of the system.

The magnetic separators use a robust mesh gauze to catch any trapped pockets of air or debris as it travels within the liquid through the separator. The air is vented automatically via a vent at the top of the separator. The dirt and debris is caught by the mesh gauze and falls to the bottom of the separator where it can be drained.

YGHP magnetic separators uses a strong neodymium magnet as well as the mesh gauze to ensure any ferrous debris is caught which can then be removed via a large drain quickly and efficiently.

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