Cure & prevention of heat networks.

Heat networks are an efficient, robust solution to heating and hot water however there are 2 very real problems: Air & Debris.

Far to often the cleaning, preventing and water quality is overlooked on projects which can cause huge issues from poor efficiency, equipment breakdown and project costs.

Ideally all heat networks are designed and include some variant of water treatment such as VDI 2035 or BSRIA BG 50/2013 & 29/2020.

The image to the right shows a recently installed heat network which upon call out YGHP along with the assistance of Fernox tested the water quality. Fortunately the potential problems was prevented and client made aware that action was needed.

Do not overlook water quality in a heat network, it can potentially be the difference between a smooth efficient system and a hugely inefficient problem.

For more information about preventing poor water quality in your heat network project please contact YGHP.