DIEHL Sharky 774 Compact available from YGHP Ltd

SHARKY 774 COMPACT ultrasonic energy meter is designed for measuring the energy consumption in heating or bifunctional (heating/cooling) application for
billing purposes. Its static ultrasonic technology is based on the measurement of the transit time. It offers many benefits: no moving parts (reduces wear and tear
of the metering components), low pressure loss, wide dynamic measuring range, low start flowrate and insensitiveness to suspended particles.


– 4 M-Bus or Wireless M-Bus (OMS radio 868 MHz) communication. Enhanced transmission performance is achieved when combined with Diehl Metering
AMR system technology
– Heat-transfer fluid: water
– Constant high measuring rates of the temperatures and volume with up to
– 12 years battery life time
– 8-digit LCD
– Removable calculator (0.45m coaxial cable) ensuring comfortable reading