Andrew Yates
Andrew YatesManaging Director
Andrew started YGHP with an aim to offer an affordable solution to heat network and district heating. Within the first 2 years YGHP designed, built and delivered a mechanical HIU that offers full accreditation, certified and performs to the highest of standards.

Hobbies: Manchester United, Spending time with the family and Travel.

Giancarlo Kouva
Giancarlo Kouva Senior Field Engineer
Gian joined YGHP July 2020 to head the external field engineers.

Since starting with YGHP, Gian has grown to be instrumental for commissioning and servicing the YGHP HIU range. Gian is always smiling and happy to assist, should a problem occur.

Hobbies: Football, Gaming & his young Family.

Dylan Evans
Dylan EvansMarketing & Advertising
Dylan started with YGHP back in 2019 as an apprentice in office administration.

It fast became apparent that Dylan’s favored role and skill set was in design and marketing. When Dylan completed the college apprentice course an immediate role within YGHP was offered.

Hobbies: Liverpool, Gaming and Keeping fit.

Laura Evans
Laura EvansInternal Sales Assistant
Laura started with YGHP as an office assistant and has since moved to be a key asset with internal sales.

Often bubbly and approachable, Laura can be found most the day speaking with new and existing clients on the benefits of the YGHP product range.

Hobbies: Family, Caravan and Relaxing with a glass of Wine.

Aaron Lee Yates
Aaron Lee YatesSales Director
Aaron joined YGHP in late 2018 with the aim to drive sales of the entire product range. Since then, Aaron has been involved with over 4000 HIU sales and increasing monthly.

Aaron is directly involved with the entire internal and external sales team.

Hobbies: Motorsport, Driving and Gym.

Lisa Probert
Lisa Probert Junior Accounts Assistant
Lisa joined YGHP mid 2021 working in the accounts and finance department ensuring that customer orders, confirmations and new accounts.

Lisa can often be seen walking the corridors from one department to another ensuring that everything finance and accounting is kept live and updated.

Hobbies: Travelling, Spending time with the Family and Wine.

Adam Majchrzak
Adam Majchrzak Field Engineer
Adam joined the filed engineer team early 2021 to help drive the department and cover the entirety of the UK.

Adam always wants to help and will go that extra mile to ensure everything is left in working condition and safe on site. Adam is fully qualified to undertake any works required within the YGHP HIU.

Hobbies: Building, modifying and driving Vehicles.

Samuel Harrison
Samuel Harrison Data Collector & Office Assistant
Sam was the first apprentice and employee at YGHP outside the Yates family.

Sam has grown to become a key asset within YGHP for data collection and assisting with incoming deliveries / stock management. Sam can often be seen improving excel files and data input methods.

Hobbies: Liverpool, Gaming and Music.

Oliver Yates
Oliver YatesLogistics Director
Oliver along with Andrew started YGHP and it fast became apparent his skill sets are in logistics and ensuring delivering incoming/outgoing was running smoothly.

Oliver now oversees the entire logistics department.

Hobbies: Gaming, Poker & Travel

Amanda Price
Amanda PriceProject Coordinator
Amanda joined the YGHP team in mid 2021 with a drive and determination to ensure that all YGHP projects are efficient and in a timely manor.

Amanda can often be seen working alongside customer services, accounts and logistics while running the entire projects department ensuring everything is updated.

Hobbies: Caravan (Ynyslas), Family and Fishing.

Joshua Dorkins
Joshua DorkinsWarehouse Assistant
Josh is fast becoming a key member of the logistics and warehouse team. Being the youngest member of the YGHP team his daily learning and improvements are becoming apparent and we are lucky to have him with us.

With a great attitude to help and assist the warehouse team, Josh has a bright future at YGHP.

Hobbies: Aston Villa, Gaming & Football.