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HIU First Fix Fitting Kit

YGHP First Fix Fitting Kit First fix fitting kit from YGHP is the perfect solution for installing pipework and getting fittings in place ready for the HIU installation. Galvanised wall bracket with isolation ball valves help installers plumb the pipework and fittings in perfect position offer ease of install of the heat interface unit. The added bonus is that YGHP include this at no additional cost. 1 first fix fitting kit per 1 HIU. Perfect for keeping to strict [...]

Heat Interface Units

Heat Interface Unit Heat Interface Units are ready for installation to meet the complete central heating and hot water requirements. It is suitable for apartments and residential buildings that are directly connected to a heating network. YGHP has over 30 years of experience in district heating technology. Which is put to expert use in the HIU, resulting in its practical functionality and ease of use. All components are easily accessible for inspection and future servicing when required. Heat [...]

Remote Smart Billing

YGHP Remote Smart Billing Meter YGHP offers a complete factory fitted remote billing system for the interface range, smart billing has never been easier. Class A protocol with wireless M-Bus connectivity. Ultrasonic principle assures very high sensitivity even at low flow. Integrated Lora module allows both LORA and FSK. LCD display with card payment function. The perfect option for both installer and user, easy to use while lowering installation time and costs. Available with the YGHP heat interface range. [...]

YGHP Heat Meter Range

YGHP Heat Meter For more information on the YGHP meter range please contact 0845 0170796. A complete range for heating, hot water and cold water. Smart billing solutions for the YGHP heat interface units.

We’re Hiring

We're Hiring... Do you have ambitions to become a great sales executive? The current company you are working for not dynamic enough? Or do you just feel like you want a change? Why not contact us, we offer a dynamic focused position in YGHP that generates great financial reward along with product training and the confidence to become part of a team that are driving sales in the heat network sector. We're hiring: YGHP also have positions available for [...]

Manufacturers Of Equipment Heat Networks Association

YGHP are a proud member of MEHNA - Manufacturers of Equipment for Heat Networks Association. 'This is an exciting time for the flourishing Heat Networks industry. Through the work of EUA and its divisions, we identified the need for a specific trade association to cover this sector. Providing technical support as well as representation with policy, regulations and standards bodies such as BEIS, BSI, CIBSE, ADE, BESA, EA, and other regulatory bodies, both in the UK and Europe. MEHNA [...]

Chamber Of Commerce – YGHP

YGHP are proud to be apart of the Greater Birmingham Chamber Of Commerce. Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham is booming. The city has the largest concentration of businesses outside of London and has welcomed a number of major investors including HSBC and Deutsche Bank, who have relocated their head offices to Birmingham. It is also the youngest city in Europe with under-25s accounting for nearly 40 per cent of its population. And let’s not forget the arrival of HS2, which [...]

Smart Calorifier

Smart Calorifier: Smart calorifier offers compact and attractively designed system storage tank with integrated fresh water and solar station. Hassle free heating water is used as the storage medium. The full equipment level guarantees great ease of installation and a zero error strategy. Protection: Enamelled as per DIN 4753. A magnesium anode offers additional corrosion protection and long tank life. Application: Compatible with gas and/or solar power. Overview: At YGHP we feel that smart functions and energy usage is [...]

YGHP Air Dirt Separator | Magnetic Separator

YGHP Air & Dirt Separator The YGHP air dirt separator are available in mechanical or magnet application. Made from steel and powder coated the air dirt separator comes with a hassle free 5 year warranty. Serviceable parts help the separator offer longevity and many years operation. Magnectic air dirt separator As pictured, the magnectic air  dirt separator offers protection against pressure and debris to help maintain a healthy, efficient heating system. Available from DN50 to DN300 flanged connection. [...]

Heat Interface Unit – Flushing By-Pass

Heat Interface Unit - Flushing By-Pass Kit Heat interface units from YGHP are fast becoming the go to product for high performance, stable control price effective for heat networks. YGHP believe that the entire supply chain deserve only the best in terms of products used and service. All heat interface unit now come with flushing by-pass as standard. That is correct, no more additional costs for what we believe to be a standard heat interface unit part. Heat Interface [...]

YGHP Billing Heat Meter

CHANGING THE WAY WE PAY AS YOU GO WITHIN HEAT NETWORKS. Traditionally PAYG (pay as you go) billing within heat networks requires the following equipment: Heat interface unit ( HIU). Mid class 2 ultrasonic heat meter Electric control valve Externally PAYG hardware/software This allows the occupier of the building to top up their credit on the heat network, by physically using a pre-paid card. Or on-line via the billing providers website/billing portal. The cost of the heat meter and [...]

Heat Interface Unit Design & Build | HIU UK | Bespoke HIU

Heat Interface Unit Design & Build From YGHP Bespoke HIU YGHP are proud to share that we are one of the few companies in the UK that can design and build a heat interface unit to specific project requirements. Some brands will put forward their popular unit, or even largest profit margin option before the customer needs. We believe at YGHP this is morally wrong and therefore are now offering a bespoke design, build and deliver service so [...]

Indirect Heat Interface Unit | Indirect Heat Interface Units | Indirect HIU

YGHP Indirect Heat Interface Unit - ' The cost effective high performance HIU on the market'. The YGHP heat interface unit offers ease of maintenance, all components front facing and the latest thermostatic technology that allows both heat and hot water simultaneously for apartments fed from a central communal plant. Ideal for residential and social housing applications. Dual differential pressure control valves gives stable and continuous supply simultaneously of heating and DHW. Maximum working pressure 25bar, with a [...]

YGHP Combined HIU CIU Unit | YGHP Combined Heat Interface Unit Cooling Interface Unit

The YGHP combined HIU CIU unit. YGHP are pleased to offer a the complete all in one wall hung HIU CIU unit. YGHP along with partners have created the perfect solution to offer heating, hot water and cooling through interface technology with one complete unit. As the HIU CIU are now combined the installer / buyer will save on time , costing and space. DHW: 33, 45, 70 & 90kW. HTG: 5, 10 & 15kW. Cooling: [...]

Heat Interface Units From YGHP – UK HIU

YGHP's Heat Interface Units YGHP HIU’s offer ease of install, use and maintenance. All components are front facing and easy to use. Latest thermostatic technology that allows both heating and hot water simultaneously for apartments fed from a central communal plant. Efficient, cost effective and thermal insulated makes the YGHP HIU the perfect solution for your project. Tested to the UK HIU test regime and passed & WRAS approved heat exchangers. Dual differential pressure control valve that [...]