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YGHP HIU System Filter

The YGHP HIU System Filter - Thermalee The Thermalee magnetic HIU heating protection is a compact filter capable of fitting horizontal or vertical pipework. Robust neodymium magnet with threaded cap allows for easy service. High capacity compact design with nickel plating for long life. The perfect solution for allowing your HIU to run smooth and efficient. Thermalee Filter

YGHP helping to achieve 2050 carbon zero

The UK’s 2050 net zero target — one of the most ambitious in the world — was recommended by the Committee on Climate Change, the UK’s independent climate advisory body. Net zero means any emissions would be balanced by schemes to offset an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, such as planting trees or using technology like carbon capture and storage. With only a minority of people understanding the low-carbon heating technologies available, the transition to a [...]

YGHP Open Letter To The Managing Director Of SAV Systems

YGHP OPEN LETTER TO THE MANAGING DIRECTOR OF SAV SYSTEMS. We write this with disbelief that a competitor is willing to lower their brand morals to try and secure orders. YGHP deal with an entire range of clients such as consultants, buyers and consumers, those who have already seen the 'above and beyond' approach YGHP have to ensure satisfaction. With that said it is a shame when a competitor SAV Systems are actively giving miss information / borderline defamation. [...]

Thermalee Magnetic Filter

YGHP offer the Thermalee Magnetic Filter for even greater system efficiency. YGHP heat interface units when installed correctly offer hassle free operation, one of the only detrimental things which can cause poor operation and running of a HIU is dirt and air within the system. To combat this, YGHP offer a primary and secondary Y-strainer. However you can now increase the protection to prevent debris circulating through the radiator / under floor heating system. With extensive testing YGHP now [...]

YGHP Indirect HIU WRAS Approved

YGHP Indirect Heat Interface Unit - WRAS Approved! The YGHP indirect range of heat interface units are one of a select few in the UK to be granted full WRAS approval. Many HIU brands will issue statements like 'WRAS approved components' and then word to try and make the context a grey area. YGHP believe in complete transparency and as such you should always check if your indirect HIU is fully WRAS approved. Simply visit the official WRAS website [...]

Heat Network Prevent & Cure

Cure & prevention of heat networks. Heat networks are an efficient, robust solution to heating and hot water however there are 2 very real problems: Air & Debris. Far to often the cleaning, preventing and water quality is overlooked on projects which can cause huge issues from poor efficiency, equipment breakdown and project costs. Ideally all heat networks are designed and include some variant of water treatment such as VDI 2035 or BSRIA BG 50/2013 & 29/2020. The image [...]

Government Lockdown 05/01/2021

YGHP official announcement following lockdown 05/01/2021 Following on from the government announcement last night YGHP will be following all guidelines to ensure minimum project disruption. This involves a skeleton warehouse staff personal to enable all deliveries to leave and be on site at the requested times. Phones and emails will still be monitored remotely where possible and have all tools, information and desire to assist with your HIU project. In short YGHP are able to assist as normal while [...]

BESA 2021

The BESA 2021 book covers all aspects of building management to help clients make those important decisions. Gordon YGHP technical services manager explains Heat Networks at the heart of the climate change. '2020 will be remembered as a year of unprecedented challenges, from COVID to Brexit. Never has a country, or industry faced such a period of volatile change. However this hasn't meant that legislative progress on development of heat networks and heat interface units has slowed. ' For [...]

SWEP Plant Room Plate Heat Exchangers

YGHP are proud to offer a complete range of SWEP plate heat exchangers. SWEP Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers ensure optimum heat transfer efficiency and low resistance within a compact footprint. This example being for a commercial plant room as hydraulic separation. • Compact design • No gaskets • Low maintenance and self-cleaning • All units are pressure tested • Ensures optimal heat transfer efficiency and pressure resistance • Separates system water from the [...]

YGHP Annual Magazine

YGHP 2020 Annual Magazine Every year YGHP will be producing an annual magazine. A time to reflect, a time to rejoice and - in truth - a time to share. With that in mind, we hope that you will enjoy our inaugural edition which will feature: The YGHP Team Adapting to COVID-19 How YGHP started Moving into 2021.

iKnoWatt Pre Payment Billing System

YGHP are delighted to announce the partnership with Data Energy to bring you the iKnoWatt billing portal. A collaboration of PAYG technology and risk management, iKnoWatt is a prepayment solution designed to work specifically with heat networks, providing two-way communication between the resident and the heat supplier. Acting as a hub within the home, iKnoWatt allows residents to only pay for what they use. They won’t receive paper invoices and are only required to top up as and when [...]

YGHP – Move forward throughout COVID

YGHP continue to offer COVID safe product and services throughout these unprecedented times. Please find below official statement from Andrew Yates - Managing Director: Dear customer, For the past 9-10 months we’ve collectively been experiencing some of the most unusual and challenging times imaginable on a global scale; uncertainty abounds and with the Prime Minister’s announcement over the weekend that England will enter a second lockdown from Thursday the 5 of November until early December or beyond you are sure to wonder what [...]

YGHP now offer the Thermalee range

YGHP are proud to announce the Thermalee range of products. Thermalee supply and distribute the most superior calibre heating and hot water products; room programmers that are intelligently designed, magnetic system filters and heating tanks that are distinct in both quality and performance. Available now through YGHP Ltd.


YGHP QR Codes readily available. YGHP have taken the decision to offer all our brochures, data sheets and I.O.M's on QR codes. This allows the YGHP sales, technical and customer services to offer the latest information regarding products, details and instructions without any contact. Simply use your smart device, activate the camera and point at the QR code. It really is that simple!

DIEHL Sharky 774 Compact Heat Meter Now Available At YGHP Ltd

DIEHL Sharky 774 Compact available from YGHP Ltd SHARKY 774 COMPACT ultrasonic energy meter is designed for measuring the energy consumption in heating or bifunctional (heating/cooling) application for billing purposes. Its static ultrasonic technology is based on the measurement of the transit time. It offers many benefits: no moving parts (reduces wear and tear of the metering components), low pressure loss, wide dynamic measuring range, low start flowrate and insensitiveness to suspended particles. FEATURES: - 4 M-Bus or Wireless [...]