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Indirect Heat Interface Unit | Indirect Heat Interface Units | Indirect HIU

YGHP Indirect Heat Interface Unit - ' The cost effective high performance HIU on the market'. The YGHP heat interface unit offers ease of maintenance, all components front facing and the latest thermostatic technology that allows both heat and hot water simultaneously for apartments fed from a central communal plant. Ideal for residential and social housing applications. Dual differential pressure control valves gives stable and continuous supply simultaneously of heating and DHW. Maximum working pressure 25bar, with a [...]

YGHP Combined HIU CIU Unit | YGHP Combined Heat Interface Unit Cooling Interface Unit

The YGHP combined HIU CIU unit. YGHP are pleased to offer a the complete all in one wall hung HIU CIU unit. YGHP along with partners have created the perfect solution to offer heating, hot water and cooling through interface technology with one complete unit. As the HIU CIU are now combined the installer / buyer will save on time , costing and space. DHW: 33, 45, 70 & 90kW. HTG: 5, 10 & 15kW. Cooling: [...]

Heat Interface Units From YGHP – UK HIU

YGHP's Heat Interface Units YGHP HIU’s offer ease of install, use and maintenance. All components are front facing and easy to use. Latest thermostatic technology that allows both heating and hot water simultaneously for apartments fed from a central communal plant. Efficient, cost effective and thermal insulated makes the YGHP HIU the perfect solution for your project. Tested to the UK HIU test regime and passed & WRAS approved heat exchangers. Dual differential pressure control valve that [...]

50 Litre Electric Water Heater

YGHP 50 Litre Electric Water Heater • Energy saving - the thick insulation of 33 mm CFC-free polyurethane foam ensures extremely low heat loss while and keeping temperatures stable. • Long life – internal tank coated with a wear-proof zirconium enamel and two magnesium anode protectors for an optimal anti-corrosion protection of the whole water volume. • Reliable – with a reliable "6-level protection" including pressure and temperature relief. • External thermostat – for setting the water heating temperature [...]

YGHP Water Filters & Separators

YGHP are proud to offer our range of YGHP water filters, separators and treatments. Range includes: Air Separators Dirt Separators Magnetic Separators Hydraulic Separators Dosing Pots All In One Dosing Pots Connection sizes from DN50 to DN300 available. YGHP separators are built to order so that the fitment is perfect for the project. Dosing pots and magnetic filters have a super strong magnet from made from Neodymium. YGHP filters can be built from brass, steel or stainless steel. The [...]

YGHP Buffer Tanks | Buffer Tanks UK | Buffer Tank UK

  YGHP Buffer Tanks are a perfect option for projects that contain a central plant room that requires extra water storage. We at YGHP are able to design, build and deliver to specific project requirements. Stock in the UK from YGHP are available for next day delivery. Competitively priced the YGHP range covers most applications including heating , hot water or chilled water. Bespoke buffer tank options are also available, as we build the tanks we are able to offer [...]

100 Litre Electric Water Heater | Unvented Cylinder | Hot Water Heater

YGHP 100 litre electric water heaters are perfect for apartments , office buildings and small house developments.   General Information: Powerful 2kW/3kW heating element mean re-heat times are minimal while being cost effective for the user. Super quick heat times while still offering an energy efficiency over other brands on the market, this is down to thick insulation and superior enamel coating aiding temperatures to remain inside the tank keeping the water at the users desired temperature. Temperature is controlled [...]

YGHP Air-To-Water Heat Pump

YGHP air source heat pump for the storage and production of domestic hot water by means of heat pump air/water situated in the upper part of the cylinder.   This unit is designed to absorb heat free environment (internal or external) and use it for the production of sanitary hot water.   It is designed for the ducting of the supply or inlet air.   The sanitary storage may have inside one or two fixed coil heat exchangers for any [...]

Prefabricated Utility Cupboards From YGHP

Prefabricated Utility Cupboards From YGHP . YGHP offer a complete design, build and deliver service for bespoke MEP utility cupboards. Using the highest quality materials YGHP can design and build a complete cupboard to your project requirements. This may include recessed or flushed mountings, electrical points, underfloor heating, HIU's, unvented water heaters along with many more variations available. 1, 2 or 3 sided design with depth and size to suit your project. The YGHP MEP cupboard can be used with but not [...]

YGHP Electric Convector Heater Wall Heaters

Electric Convector Heater Wall Heaters from YGHP. Available with and without WiFi control. The electric panel convectors with control via Internet achieve 39% of maximum 40% seasonal energy efficiency. This is reached thanks to the electronic thermoregulator and ERP related functions ("smart" functions), which save energy and are easy to use. Smart functions include: Open Window/Door Detection; Adaptive Start; Temperature Sensor Correction ±4°С, Control Via Internet & Weekly Programmer 24/7. Power : 500W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W & 2500W Optimal convection [...]

Electric Water Heaters From YGHP

YGHP 7, 10 and 15 litre unvented electric water heaters. Above and below counter versions. (Above counter has inlet and outlet at the bottom, below counter has the inlet and outlet at the top of the unit). 2KW strong powerful spiral heating element. Sacrificial anode to prevent inner tank and heating element corroding. Super thick eco friendly insulation preventing heat loss and helping reheat times. 5 level protection preventing the water heater from over heating, freezing and over pressure. [...]