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Georgia Franklin Joins YGHP

Due to the continued growth of YGHP, Georgia Franklin has now joined the team as office manager. Georgia brings a wealth of knowledge of leading teams and ensuring offices run efficiently. We at YGHP would like to welcome Miss Franklin and look forward to 2020. Welcome Georgia!

YGHP Utility Cupboard CibseLive Build2Perform

YGHP Utility Cupboard at CibseLive / Build2Perform Exhibition. The bespoke compact designed YGHP utility cupboard being displayed at Build2Perform 26th & 27th November 2019. The advantages of the YGHP bespoke prefabricated cupboard offers complete offsite solution to traditional build. Typically YGHP see 30% deduction in the project time line offering a modular solution. Prefabricated cupboards can be designed, built and delivered to project requirements. For more information please contact: Tel: 0845 0170796 Email: sales@YGHP.co.uk Utility Cupboard [...]

YGHP Sponsoring Five Cities Futsal Club

YGHP supporting Five Cities Futsal Club in the SFL Super League. Futsal (also known as fĂștsal or footsal) is a variant of association football played on a hard court, smaller than a football pitch, and mainly indoors. It has similarities to five-a-side football but with unique additions. Everyone at YGHP is excited for the outcome of Glasgow City FS vs Five Cities Futsal Club on Sunday 15 December 2019 at ASW Perth College UHI. Both hoping to climb into [...]

YGHP helping to lower carbon footprint

YGHP helping to lower carbon footprint. Typically every time a drink is served, at least 1 new cup must be manufactured. More than 90% of the environmental impact of disposable cups is caused by manufacturing them and then only using them once. Plastic litter is everywhere - 1 in 6 fish in UK waters have ingested plastic. YGHP have now issued all office staff reusable water bottles. YGHP will continue to invest in lowering carbon footprint throughout the next [...]

YGHP 2020 Wall Calendar

YGHP 2020 Wall Calendar. The year end is fast approaching , the festive period is soon upon us. Why not treat your office to a YGHP 2020 wall calendar. Free issue, all we require is an email with your delivery address and we will send a copy free of charge. Email: sales@yghp.co.uk Title: Wall Calendar

Find us in the latest edition of Archetech Magazine

You can find YGHP products in the latest edition of Archetech. YGHP prefabricated MEP cupboards and indirect heat interface units being proudly represented in this edition of Archetech : www.archetech.org.uk Issue 45 out now.

Dylan Evans Joins YGHP

Dylan Evans Joins YGHP. YGHP are pleased to announce another member to the office team. Dylan Evans will be helping maintain an efficient working office. We are excited to see the progress of Dylan over the next few years. Welcome to the team Dylan!

Combined Heating, Hot Water & Cooling Interface Unit

The Combined Heating, Domestic Hot Water & Cooling Interface Unit The complete solution that helps save space, time and cost. The 'combined' unit offers all the functions of an indirect heat interface unit with the added bonus of a CIU located together. SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers, wilo electronically controlled pumps and CIMM expansion vessels. The use of 2 separate EPP thermal covers help prevent condensation as well as offering ease of install and service. Perfect for modular constructions, [...]

Sean Reynolds Joins YGHP

Sean Reynolds With the continuing success and growth of YGHP a new member has joined the team. Sean Reynolds with head the customer services / customer support division for YGHP. Sean brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the HVAC industry. Everyone at YGHP would like to welcome Sean to the team.


CIBSE Live YGHP are delighted to announce that we be exhibiting at this years CIBSE Live Build2Perform at Olympia, London. 26th-27th November 2019 YGHP will be offering an up close demonstration of the YGHP HIU and MEP utility cupboard. For more information regarding CIBSE Live please visit: www.build2perform.co.uk If you would like a dedicated time slot to discuss the heat interface range in person please contact us for more information.

Single Plate Direct Heat Interface Unit

Single Plate Direct Heat Interface Unit YGHP offer complete flexibility in terms of design, build and deliver. We can build to strict project requirements as well as offering our exciting standard range. Single plate direct HIU for heating only, hot water only or heating and hot water. For more information please contact us directly.

HIU First Fix Fitting Kit

YGHP First Fix Fitting Kit First fix fitting kit from YGHP is the perfect solution for installing pipework and getting fittings in place ready for the HIU installation. Galvanised wall bracket with isolation ball valves help installers plumb the pipework and fittings in perfect position offer ease of install of the heat interface unit. The added bonus is that YGHP include this at no additional cost. 1 first fix fitting kit per 1 HIU. Perfect for keeping to strict [...]

Heat Interface Units

Heat Interface Unit Heat Interface Units are ready for installation to meet the complete central heating and hot water requirements. It is suitable for apartments and residential buildings that are directly connected to a heating network. YGHP has over 30 years of experience in district heating technology. Which is put to expert use in the HIU, resulting in its practical functionality and ease of use. All components are easily accessible for inspection and future servicing when required. Heat [...]

Remote Smart Billing

YGHP Remote Smart Billing Meter YGHP offers a complete factory fitted remote billing system for the interface range, smart billing has never been easier. Class A protocol with wireless M-Bus connectivity. Ultrasonic principle assures very high sensitivity even at low flow. Integrated Lora module allows both LORA and FSK. LCD display with card payment function. The perfect option for both installer and user, easy to use while lowering installation time and costs. Available with the YGHP heat interface range. [...]

YGHP Heat Meter Range

YGHP Heat Meter For more information on the YGHP meter range please contact 0845 0170796. A complete range for heating, hot water and cold water. Smart billing solutions for the YGHP heat interface units.