YGHP are delighted to offer our customers a buffer tank that is superior to the others on the market today. Not only superior in terms of price but also quality.

Available sizes from 300 litre to bespoke 10,000. Prices from as little as *£399.99.

Buffer tanks and accumulator tanks are both types of thermal store, the difference between them is in the way they are used. A Buffer tank retains heat for later use and can supplement an appliance when demand is high. Stored heat can be immediately accessed without the appliance needing to get up to temperature. This can be very useful for maintaining a more constant output.

An accumulator goes further than this, as it will store all the heat produced by an appliance during an extended period. Working at full rate and then gradually releasing the heat over the day. Because of this accumulator tanks tend to be bigger. Whether a buffer tank is required for a solar or heat pump project, or an accumulator tank for a wood fired biomass boiler application. YGHP are able to help.

YGHP can offer unbiased friendly advice on which model buffer tank, calorifier or thermal store you require.

The YGHP range of tanks are manufactured in accordance with latest European Standards and are CE marked where applicable.

The range of products shown on this site can also be tailored to meet individual needs, tanks can be ‘off the shelf’  buffer storage / accumulator tanks. Solar coils can be fitted or utilised to connect to existing gas or oil systems. Most tanks in the buffer / accumulator range can also be fitted with electric immersion heaters to provide back-up power when needed.

YGHP buffer tanks offer high quality whilst also offering project savings. YGHP only use the best and most efficient brands from around the world but with the aim of providing the customer with life long effortless water, for heating or potable drinking water.

If its advice on a tank, a friendly approach to your new project or you simply want the best product at the lowest price contact YHGP today.


YGHP Buffer Tank Quality

At YGHP we are able to offer superior quality, as the buffer tanks are designed and built in-house. This means insulation can be suited to stricter requirements rather than generic off the shelf products.

At the end of the production process, which is completely monitored according to EN ISO 9001: 2000.

Each individual boiler and each storage tank is pressure tested and a check by experienced specialist personnel. This ensures that only products that meet 100% of our and your quality requirements reach our customers. For more satisfaction from your new storage tank.

The glossy glass enamelling together with the high-quality steel provide optimum corrosion protection for tanks that have contact with drinking water / potable.


Through precise, robot-controlled welding, we achieve a consistently high degree of accuracy and uniformity of our welded
seams and joints. High pressure resistance and a long service life are the result. For more satisfaction during installation.


We have an automated for determining the heat loss from storage tanks in line with EN12897 and EN15332. The basis for developing future-proof storage tanks in line with ecological design principles and the Energy Label. Here we test under real conditions in week-long tests how well our storage tanks store your energy. For reliable information for our customers.

We use thermal imaging cameras to explore the quality of the temperature stratification of our storage tanks. We can see here whether the series production storage tanks and also our new developments actually achieve the desired clean separation of the layers. This is essential for good interaction between
all the components in your heating system. To take advantage of all the opportunities we’ve been given.

ERP Energy Labeling

The energy label was founded to improve your energy cost control options as early as the time of purchase. This allows us to show you in a standardised manner that is compatible with others how well our precision-manufactured storage tanks and their insulation can store heat for you. For more comfort thanks to efficiency.

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