YGHP Magnetic Dirt Air Separator.

In sealed heating systems, air may cause problems such as flow interruptions or even a complete system breakdown. Dirt consists mainly of magnetite, that can accumulate wherever a magnetic field is present.  Next to costs associated with repairs, parts and downtime, contamination also leads to reduced system performance. Therefore, higher energy costs. YGHP dirt and air separators are designed for the simultaneous removal of air and dirt. These remove air, microbubbles and dirt particles from system water continuously helping achieve maximum efficiency.

The magnetic dirt air separator from YGHP are available in flange connections from DN50, DN85, DN100, DN125 up to DN300.

With a 3 year warranty the YGHP separator range is the perfect solution to help maintain maximum heating efficiency.

  • Capacity: 8.5 – 320.0 m3/h

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 110

  • Filter Material: Stainless Steel

  • Magnet: Neodymium Magnet (11.300)

  • Magnet Probe: Copper

  • Exterior Protection: DN50 – DN200 – Electrostatic Powder Paint | DN250 – DN300 – Water Based Heavy Duty Water Paint

Separator Datasheet